Performance Indicator

Late Punches, In Punches, Out Punches and Missed Punches are the basic punch data results.

This value indicates the Average Time they came late by.

Average duration is the sum up of Average In Time and Out Time. Thus, the duration defines the average office hours, dependent on the date range and the number of employees (to calculate average). When calculated for a single employee, it is the difference of First In and Last out for that day.

Least Productive Day is defined by the most number of least productive hours in that day. Such a KPI helps when management needs to understand the probable reasons behind an outcome. This in the end helps to structure your HR policy (stringent or flexible).

There is no standard formula for this, here it depends on the count of out punches within an hour and the duration of the time stayed outside.

This is one of the most important KPIs, this KPI show the implicit costs the organisation incurs for the unproductive time.The relation of time with cost gives a real picture of the worth and value of the human resource.

This shows the micro picture of the organisation of the above describes KPIs. Here you can get the data for each employee behaviour for the specified date range.

The Bar graph shows the number of late punches for each employee. Here you can easily segregate the sincere employees and the insincere ones. You can compare the data of late punches as it is available at a glance. In other words you can have a Trend of Indiscipline.

A Heat Map here shows an intersection of date and time duration for the specified date range. Each unit of intersection defines the count of Out Punches for a specific time slot and date.

This dashboard shows the count of present and absent employees on a line chart along with total employees as bars. The greater the difference between the points on a single day better is the strength.

The Bar Graph shows 3 KPIs at a glance, the count of In Punches, Out Punches and the Missed Punches. Through this you can have a comparative analysis of insincerity of employees.

you will get the data of each activity for an individual employee; it will give you a bottom-up approach of looking at the data. Here, one can also check for the absenteeism, when you compare the value of present days with the selected duration.

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