Lead Generation

Performance Indicator

Calls, Answers, Connect, Conversion Rate, Leads, Qualified, Disqualification Rate.

The graph shows, total leads Vs qualified leads along with the disqualification ratio indicating the least performed campaigns.

The conversion ratio is crucial for analysis.

he graph shows the comparison of target and actual login hours.

A line chart depicting the number of attempts made, answered and thereon converted into leads.

A graph showing Total leads Vs Qualified leads along with Connected Ratio Vs Conversion Ratio for a specific salesman, as well as a comparative for the entire salesman. A micro and macro level picture of the process helps in better decision making.

This bar chart, shows the top 15 resources based on the disqualification ratio, that each has performed.

Each resource uses his conscience on disqualification of the phone calls. A bar chart describing such a comparative of all the resources helps in better decision making.

A comprehensive analysis of the performance of each resource from leads generated to leads lost.

Each campaign has a certain percentage of revenue that the resource earns from the conversions. Such a calculation depicted for each lead, resource and campaign maintaining complete transparency.

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