Performance Indicator

Employee turnover Rate, New Hire Rate, Leavers, Vacancies and Wrong Hire

It shows the closing strength Vs. Agreed strength over a period of time.

The indicator shows the operating strength in percentage for the specified period of time and also for a specific Sales hierarchy.

The graph shows the comparison of previous and current CTC, for various divisions in the organisation.

A line chart showing the annual salaries of all the branches.

A pie chart shows the Annual salary of all the branches for a specified time period.

The table shows the year wise Attrition ratio.

This is a very comprehensive table, showing the attrition rate comparison for all the time periods, departments, branches, division and company.

This table shows the attrition percentages for the company and division for the year, month and quarter.

The table has the heads of various tenure time intervals, and the leavers’ numbers in their sales hierarchy.

Pany, sales hierarchy and business unit for budgeted strength, agreed strength, opening strength, joiners, leavers, closing strength, operating strength, Net addition and vacancy.

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