Performance Indicator

Enquiries, Total Orders, Pending Orders, Rejections, Business Amount and Receivables

A bar graph showing the comparison of Enquiries and orders for each month along with a line chart defining the ratio. Thus, each forming a monthly comparative.

The placard of credit limit consumed shows the limit and the utilised. It also indicates the percentage utilised for a specified period of time.

A table that shows the product, quantity and amount of pending orders, in a priority order.

A list of 10 most preferred products, along with their orders, quantity and amount.

A comprehensive table, showing the delay and rejection of orders in each month. The table shows the total orders, delayed and rejected count of orders along with their percentage from the total.

A bar chart depicting the product and salesman wise numbers. This way you get to see the sales of each product as well as mark the sales efforts of the salesman.

A table defining the numbers related to enquires and conversions for each salesman. The table also specifies the percentage of conversions along with the amount.

The aging analysis is done for the delayed orders, for specific intervals of aging.

Bar charts, showing receivables and payables amount for each month. Bar chart, helping in a comparative monthly analysis.

A month wise receipt and payment analysis through graphical representation.

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