Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) helps you visualize the current status of the KPIs through the in-built Dashboards, Reports, and Analytical tools. It is not restricted to fixed infrastructure as it is possible to have it in the cloud. You can upload the BI application, as well the data in cloud to access through the net. Canny Informatics provides solution hosting on cloud and total BI support. We integrate your data on cloud with any database and provide the BI solutions. We also provide tailored reports, dashboards, analytics with all the benefits of the cloud.

Data Integration & Warehousing

A Data warehouse is the integration of multiple or single sources, to navigate through in a desired manner. This helps in reporting for Management Information Systems. ETL assists in managing quality of data. Despite of various data sources or the structure of the information, we can develop enterprise level data warehouse that can serve any of your business challenges like real time queries, data analysis or reporting for management information system; through federated data warehouse or distributed Data Marts.

Reporting & Analytics

Canny Informatics can provide you intelligent reports on the move in the look & feel of your choice. The built reports can be very interactive with input parameters, filters, drill down information, hover information, tabular data, visualization etc. The style of the reporting and delivery can be tailored to customers’ needs.